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Who we are

We are an IT-Firm focused on the development of cutting edge IT-Solution for businesses, schools, towns, villages and any other entities that would require our services. We have qualified personnel that respond to the need of our clients. With quite a number of years of experience in the field and clients we bring on board a rich mix of tools to bring your business to another level. Our hallmark is excellence with speed

our Services
We think, build & Innovate

We develop various kinds of software applications per our clients’ need. We develop both desktop and Web Based applications. Just contact us with that software you have been looking forward for your organization to use. Our Softwares are built to be robust and user friendly interface.
Currently we have in stock
• School Management Software
• Hotel Management Software
• Stock/Inventory/Vehicle Management Software

DCMS Website development

We offer custom web design & development service keeping conversion in mind. Right from strategy, creativity, UI/UX
design, development to execution, each web page we develop has a clearly defined conversion goal.

Employees’ time and attendance register can now be automated with our Time and Attendance Management Systems. Eliminate inefficiencies and fraud and also fabricated overtimes.

With Biometric, RFID and PIN systems, Devices can be operated in a Standalone mode whilst Configurations can be done remotely.

Data can be transferred via Ethernet Port, Wi-Fi and USB-flash drive.

With advanced fingerprint arithmetic in the world, devices automatically analyzes the tiny difference between latest and previous fingerprints.

An institution with different branches can monitor each devices from a central point.

We offer stable connectivity for internet, Data, Voice and video stream over Wide Area Networks, Virtual Private Network, Local Area Network and Remote Areas. We have solutions for Government agencies, Businesses, Homes and Military installations.

Field Projects

Our scope of work

To deliver quality services with maximum speed
To satisfy Clients holistically
To provide timely and regular support services
To be the first part of call for Clients and potential Clients
To keep Clients updated with new tools and new ways of doing business through technology

We leave a notable mark of experience to our Clients due to our approach in providing quality services 

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